If you ever drove down Back Ashuelot Rd you may have seen his bee hives and may have tasted his honey which he sells locally in town. “It’s all about community, and since we have been attending the weekly Select Board meetings for a while now, I noticed that only a few people attend every week. It’s really a shame that more of our citizens don’t come to the meetings, but I’m sure they have very good reasons they cannot make it”. Robert knows that many people in this town are elderly or have to work two or more jobs. “One of my goals is to make the town meetings more accessible to those who cannot attend so they know what is happening in their town. I have begun, in 2016, recording the school board meetings and hope in the future to activate the Comcast public access channel to bring public TV to Winchester. You can view current videos through my Facebook page Winchester NH Public Television or my YouTube channel.”

Robert and his wife are members of the RED Committee. “I love how this town is already transforming; the Down Town area is looking beautiful. New business is the key to revitalization and I support anyone who wants to bring prosperity to Winchester”.

You may remember two years ago when Robert attended the Ashuelot Covered bridge party, he was there handing out tomatoes and other vegetables. “We had so much from the garden, I didn’t want to see it go to waste and giving to my neighbors at the Bridge Party was a great way to meet my neighbors and share our bounty”. So that’s why this year we brought a
Farmers Market to the center of town. “We are the cross roads in this area, connecting Keene, Mass & Vermont, it’s a great location for a market and to bring attention to Winchester”. One idea that he had regarding the market was that once the market was finished there would most likely be leftover produce and since he hates to waste, he learned of two charities in town that will take the leftover vegetables, bread and anything else any vendors may wish to donate. “We are fortunate to have two outlets for leftover food; there is the new Center Church and the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry”.

One of Robert’s pet peeves is trash along the road. During the summer you may have seen him biking up and down his road with his cart picking up trash. “I’m selfish, I want a clean town”. This year the neighbors took notice and banded together to keep Back Ashuelot road clean.

Some other tidbits:  Robert mentors new beekeepers and because Robert loved scouting as a child; he decided to teach some Pathfinder Scouts to extract honey. Robert also taught a 4H class about soap making, has mentored new beekeepers and is always willing to share his knowledge on many topics. He rode 30 miles, 3 years in a row to raise awareness for diabetes in the American Diabetes Associations Tour de Cure bike ride. He has been married to Gloria for 20 plus years now. He has some chickens and his guard goose, Lexi. One of his hobbies is growing Carnivorous plants and he loves to study economics and history.  He loves making maple syrup, homemade soap, mead (honey wine) and canning and picking. He is always willing to lend a hand to his friends and neighbors when they need help with something. “It’s just what I do.”

This year Robert began restoring the town clock manufactured by E. Howard & Company installed 1870 in the Center Church. He is also currently involved in the Complete Streets Program, is on the Pickle Festival Committee and part of the Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition, which is part of the Cheshire County Conservation District.

You can read more about other issues here on this site. Click any of the links to learn more. Please feel free to contact Robert with any questions that you may have, or you can find him every Wednesday at 7pm at town hall attending the Select Board meetings, so please come out and talk to him in person.

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Robert and his wife Gloria bought their house on Back Ashuelot Rd in 2005, but due to family obligations they were unable to move as they were taking care of Gloria’s elderly mother until she passed at the age of 90. But even at that time Robert made a point of getting to know his neighbors and learning everything he could about Winchester. “It’s always been a dream of mine to have a farm and live in the country, but where we came from that was just not possible”, said Robert. Finally in 2014 Robert was able to move up here and begin his new life in beautiful Winchester. “I love this area and this town, it’s a beautiful place, and the people are so friendly.” This is one of the reasons why Robert decided to run for Selectman, “Once I heard about the Pipeline and the horrible impact it would have on the town, not just environmentally but financially as well, I knew that I had to get involved and do something”.

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