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Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.

Thomas Jefferson

restoring winchester

If you have a question about something that is not posted here please feel free to contact me!

Preserve the Past

We need to find ways to grow our community while building on our heritage. My focus is “Restoring Winchester”.


Families need to come first in our town and one way I want to do this is by supporting our school.


We need to advertise what we have to offer people that do not live in our town. We have 2 kinds of race tracks. We also have a brand new distillery and beautiful rail-trails. We now have a
Farmer’s Marketand a Summer Music Series.

Bringing Business

I want to Increase business opportunity to bring jobs and tax revenue to town in order to relieve the tax burden on citizens.
As our property taxes are far too high and are a burden to us all but most especially to the elderly in our community and the poor. I will work hard as selectman to increase opportunities for business to relocate here in Winchester so as to provide jobs for our fellow citizens and increase tax revenue thereby lowering all our taxes

Grants for Winchester

On Tuesday March 14th you will not just get to vote for the leadership of our town, but you will also get to vote on various warrant articles that can help our town and our Winchester Families.

One of these is:
VOTE YES on Warrant Article 15: This will tell the Select board that you are in favor of hiring a Grant Writer for Winchester.

Here are a few grants and what these grants can address. These can be used to help create, update, or repair the following:

  • Rural Business Development Grants – RBDG is a competitive grant designed to support targeted technical assistance, training and other activities leading to the development or expansion of small and emerging private businesses in rural areas that have fewer than 50 employees and less than $1 million in gross revenues.
  • USDA Rural Development Grant – For community gardens
  • USDA RD Water and Waste Disposal – Sewer collection, transmission, treatment and disposal
  • People for Bikes – Improvement of our Bike Paths and Rail Trails

(this is not a complete list by any means, it is a starting point)

Recording of Town Meetings

I want to record public town meetings to the web for residents who are unable to attend meetings.

As many residents of the town has expressed concerns that the town meeting minutes are “not very helpful”. I as a selectman would encourage any resident of the town to live stream and archive recordings of the audio and video of the entire BOS meetings available on the web as per
New Hampshire Title VI Chapter 91-A:2 paragraph II” Any person shall be permitted to use recording devices, including, but not limited to, tape recorders, cameras, and videotape equipment, at such meetings.”

So that many in our community who cannot attend the meetings due to work, school, age or many other reasons can watch and listen to the whole meeting and not rely on the minutes. This would increase transparency and openness in all town business and hopefully encourage increased participation in town politics.

Code of Ethics

Whether or not I become a selectman I will begin drafting a “
Code of Ethics” . The proper operation of democratic government requires that public officials be independent, impartial and responsible to the people; that governmental decisions and policy be made in the proper channels of the governmental structure; that public office not be used for personal gain; and that the public have confidence in the integrity of its government. The purpose of this code is to establish ethical standards of conduct for Selectmen by setting forth those acts or actions that are incompatible with the best interest of the town and by directing disclosure by such officials of private financial or other interests in matters affecting the town. The provisions and purpose of this code and such rules and regulations as may be established are hereby declared to be in the best interests of the Town of Winchester.

Town Held Properties

I want to decrease town held properties in order to increase tax income and lower tax burden on residents. The town holds many properties through many means of acquisition. These properties are not raising any tax revenue and thereby increasing the share of taxes we as residents must pay. As a member of the Select Board I would push for the town to sell these properties to private hands so they may pay taxes or undertake public improvements on town held land through TIF (Tax Increment Financing) to attract business into town to increase job opportunities and increase tax revenue to lower the tax burden on all residents. The TIF will not increase our tax burden but instead help us to attract businesses to Winchester through infrastructure improvements which will also help us all.

Ridgeline Shooting Range
Many residents have asked me about my position on Ridgeline. I don't think that Ridgeline is a good fit for Winchester or Ashuelot. It would not bring any substantial benefit to us in either jobs or tourism. While they would pay property taxes the negatives they would bring like noise and the possibility of stray bullets escaping the property, etc. far outweighs any benefits.

While we have all heard that the property has been sold, it seems from what I have heard, that we are not out of the woods yet. It is sad that the ZBA did not quash the application when the request to withdraw was received. Just as the fight with the pipeline is not completely gone we must remain vigilant to see this through to the end and defeat Ridgeline once and for all.